Kiera Noelle Presents ∴

the pulse

a living, breathing field of consciousness... an activating portal…

to arrive in your fullest, liberated expression.

….to give yourself fully to the rhythm of your wildly expansive, aligned + abundant life.

The world craves you open, fluid, free. find your pulse. your unique rhythm. your aligned flow. And from here… create your expansive reality…

Inside the PULSE you will ground into the deepest of the deep to expand to the highest of the high (while defying the odds + living in abundance + having the most fun doing it!)


In 2020, I grounded into a place within myself where I had no choice but to rise - a non-negotiable commitment to lead.

A place where…

I knew (without a shadow of a doubt) I was held…regardless of what was going on in the world.

I knew (without a shadow of a doubt) that my life, my being, my existence would hum in harmony.

I knew (without a shadow of a doubt) I could expand safely + abundantly + exponentially….without sacrificing myself.

In 2020, I did all of that and more.

I created my own rules. I defied the odds. I turned my beliefs into an unshakeable KNOWING all while 

I 8X my business, grew my relationships (and healed the relationship with my father), landed into the healthiest version of myself, bought my first home (and more).…

even when (especially when) it didn’t make sense.

The moment I *could* have taken myself out of the game, I didn’t.

I never took myself out of the game.
Instead, I found my pulse (again + again) and paved my own way.
Every time I could have closed off to the world…
I opened, instead.

Because love,

when you find your pulse…

You trust yourself at the deepest level to move through WHATEVER comes your way.

I really mean this. A trust that literally ripples through every cell of your being because you finally FEEL that anything is possible. You land into every moment ON purpose because it serves as an opportunity to align to everything you know you can be. Every moment matters. Every moment that you anchor into your highest soul aligned vision, you simultaneously catapult yourself into your next level of expansion.


This is the very heartbeat of this space...

Because you are not
meant to do this alone.

the pulse

is an expansive container
that will crack the code to your pure embodied potential.

Something inexplicable (and magical) happens when you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are fully HELD. You start living in the field of limitless potential, infinite possibility and experience true prosperity. You start living…more.

It’s a journey of

emotional mastery ∴ radical self ownership ∴ energetic integrity ∴ liberated self expression ∴ sovereign self leadership


on the inside, you will...

Activate higher expressions of your genius + ground into deeper levels of true embodiment

A true experience of unapologetic self expression.

A true experience of unapologetic self expression.

Rewire your nervous system where safe expansion is your new normal that you continuously lean into. To trust. To act. To surrender. To rejoice. To feel. To expand.

Magnetize abundance with ease

Embody your true power, claim your desires with conviction and choose abundance, in every moment (you’ll soon realize there is no other way)

Awaken as a sovereign leader

Let yourself land here -- this is you and you are it. A self sourced, sovereign leader who lives in integrity, takes radical ownership and moves through life fully expressed…. without sacrifice.

Hold yourself and be held in your wholeness

There is no victimhood in this space. I see you in your WHOLENESS and will meet you there. (hello sovereignty) The places I have activated within me will serve as a reminder for you.

Receive daily accountability + support from powerful humans inside the container

We aren't meant to do this alone. There’s an irreplaceable (and irresistible) force that gets created when pure hearts come together who are walking the same path (...and if 2020 taught us anything, it's how vital connection truly is)

COME ALIVE…..You. Will. Come. Alive.

No words can truly capture what happens inside these containers. It’s an experience that only happens when you lean in, bet on yourself and go first (sound familiar?) -- the world has no choice but to meet you there.

Let this be the YES you've been waiting for.

Enter the place to AMPLIFY your expression, expansion, abundance, liberation.

My love...

I am going to be real with you.
God wants you fully expressed, abundant and free.
Your greatest contribution to the world lives in your fully expressed + abundant self.

Your desire to experience more abundance and land in your unapologetic self expression is the same desire that literally makes a plant grow.
It is life seeking FULLER EXPRESSION of itself.

It is natural. The desire to seek more is simply the desire to live more.

The thing is…this part of ourselves is usually the first to be sacrificed.
We ignore our own pulse.
We leave ourselves to show up for another.
We overstep our boundaries to contribute to the whole.
…and then? We cut off the world thinking we need to do it alone.

But not this time, babe.
I am here to serve as the biggest validation // confirmation // reminder // permission slip that your desire to LIVE MORE ABUNDANTLY + FULLY EXPRESSED TOGETHER is natural.

You are heard.
Your desire to be held – without a shadow of a doubt… no. matter. what – is heard.
Your desire to unleash your full expression and free yourself – is heard.
Your desire to do it alongside others who just “get it” – is heard.

without sacrifice.….and together.


what's inside

(6 workbooks total)

The SOUL WORK lives here. There is truly a technology to living on purpose -- self-actualization is a process and every moment matters. As I continue to shift, I drip the juice in here for you. It’s not planned. It’s just an experience to say YES to. Lean back to receive it all.

recorded replays of the live masterclasses

Tune into the PULSE and we fly high in these masterclasses to: calibrate to the highest alignment -- unlock codes for your self actualization -- reclaim your sovereign power -- liberate your full expression.. and more.


: Embodiment Practices + Rituals + Support in the form of audio content // video content // meditations

: Lifetime access to the content

more bonuses!

1) meditation bundle (7 expansive meditations)

2) pulse extras (5 potent transmissions)

3) The Identity Process (the holy grail — the most powerful process to date)

4) Guest Speaking Exclusive Clip on Safe Expansion

** this is a self-guided course -
the results are based on YOU.

"Kiera, thank you for forever inspiring me to understand what my own truth feels like. To land deeper in myself. I feel fired up in a way that I can actually achieve everything I want in life."
"I can't imagine what this year would have been like without you, you have blessed me and so many others with your life. I feel so lucky to have you as my coach and mentor."
"Seriously your work is so powerful. This year has been so enlightening because of you. So damn grateful!"


Find your PULSE. Your liberated self expression is medicine for the world.

I want you to feel into this energetic space where the integral leader in you has no choice but to rise.
Independent of what’s going on in the world…
(no matter what)

^^^ when you invest in THAT energy, you anchor into the knowing that anything is truly possible.

This practice brings you back home. again and again and again.

how it works


You sign up by clicking the link below!


You'll get access to your private membership portal where you can being RIGHT AWAY


You receive access to all your materials - content, recordings, meditations, etc.


You take yourself through the journey -- feel your PULSE and tune into the rhythm of your aligned + abundant reality that is yours to claim!!!

Repeat after me:

My unapologetic self expression is needed. Expansion is my natural state. Abundance is my birthright. Liberation is what I am here for.


payment plans available also

$288 x 3 payments


The new paradigm is about leaving a legacy.

And we are not meant to do it alone…..


I can’t wait to fly with you!!
I’ll see you inside.


No. This is for anyone who wants to find their rhythm and create their aligned + abundant reality.

Yes! You get the portal till the end of timeeeeee…..

I do not. The investment is an anchor for your expansion. If you feel a full fuck yes – dive in. That’s your North star. Trust it.

This is a self-paced bundle that you can buy at any time.
The live course has already been completed. If you purchase the portal now, you are purchasing the recordings from all of the live calls plus all material included.

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Kiera Noelle 2021