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This whole masterclass got channeled when our social media world got shut down….


then what…?

When it all got stripped away….

What did you make this mean for you…?

— did you drop your power?

— did a fear of “needing to keep up” creep in?

— did you spiral down into an internal dialogue of “how reliable is this whole online thing anyway?

— did you want to pull the plug on this whole “online business” thang?

— did you make it mean something about you or your worth?

— did you doubt the power that you hold….?

And babe, honest question…

do you feel at the mercy of social media or your business in ANYWAY?

Because let’s face it…

You built a business to get out of exactly that. You are an entrepreneur because you are a multidimensional creatrix that thrives off limitlessness.

I want to liberate you from this current dimension and cross the threshold into a whole new world….

Here’s what I KNOW to be true:

There’s a connection to LIFE that goes far beyond the time you “clock in” + “clock out” of the social media world.

I deeply TRUST that my heartprint + soul signature + essence is FELT beyond the time that I am “in” or “out” of the social media field.

I know that my essence – expression – embodiment is GOLDEN medicine for humanity and that imprints the world without me even “thinking” about it.

I deeeeeply trust the “field” to work for me, too.

And I KNOW that the only thing that is truly reliable in this FAST changing world is ….

the power in my presence.

Not just my online presence. Not just my offline presence.

My OMNI presence…the one that penetrates the world because it is always connected.

My presence, my power, my momentum is always on because God is always on.

The dimension of omnipresence.

in this masterclass we are going to


We are diving into:

  • The energetic shifts to omnipresence
  • Taking your energy back and how to HOLD the influx of this personal power.
  • Healing your relationship with external forces (aka social media) in your business (and life)
  • Liberating all narratives / beliefs / stories keeping you anything less than self expressed and at home in your personal power.

And honestly, probably more.

But right now, the channel is HOT. The details of this training aren’t really necessary…

this is a game of FEELING your POWER + ENERGY land back in your space…
And trusting in something that is bigger than you.

Minimal words are actually needed.

The ones leading humanity are the ones who are truly connected to this dimension…

To the purest intel there is.

And ultimately… THIS is the foundation of your legacy…

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hi, Im Kiera

new to my world?

I am a voice for sovereign feminine leadership, liberated self expression and true inner wealth.
I am here for the wild ones. The free souls. The ones who know they are meant for more.

I walk with you on your homecoming journey.
I serve as a reminder of your powerful truth.
I take a stand for your wild liberation.
I see you in your highest.

…and love always leads the way.

I am devoted to serve you through MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOUL work…

I call you forward…beyond the finite and into the infinite…and into unshakeable alignment to your soul.

Cheers to your liberated legacy. xx