Liberated Leadership

the masterclass


Join me for a 2 hour expansive workshop on the energetics of LIBERATED (self) LEADERSHIP.

Where we will take a deep dive into the practical tools + expansive energetics you need to THRIVE.

a liberated leader knows...

that this is not about pseudo-positivity, performance activism, ‘proving worth’ or competition (those distorted energies have zero existence in their reality).

A liberated leader knows that liberation is purely internal – a devotion to clearing all that is not to receive all that is. Dismantling systems of separation within.

A liberated leader knows the power of choice…they get to choose how this goes for them.

A liberated leader knows their
embodied presence is their true power.

Liberated Leaders...

They don’t tell you how it’s done.

They show you what’s possible,

by being it.

Aligned. Magnetic. Activated. Expanded.

walking beside you. hand in hand. rising together.


they know that the only thing that actually matters is knowing who the fuck they are.

An un-fuck-withable connection to their internal guidance system – the part that is connected to the WHOLE – their true guiding light.

And you know what?

Those are the ones who are meant to lead us forward…right now.

and because you have landed here..

that is you.

This is about knowing yourself through the integrity and embodiment of a true LEADER. 

to liberate yourself beyond any societal ideals and create a new life from this place. Who do you GET to become when you invest your whole self into life?

Self leadership > Self help

It takes courage to follow your heart in a world that is constantly trying to drown it out.
You don’t need help. You aren’t broken.

You just need to know who the fuck you are and lead yourself. Unapologetically.

Who is this for?

Anyone who has a beating heart. Seriously. You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or have a ‘fancy’ title to lead yourself… the world needs more truth, more sovereignty and more humans who know who the fuck they are. 

HUMANS… this masterclass is for HUMANS.

What you'll experience inside this masterclass…

Dissolving the (exhausting) worthy/unworthy inner battle. Shame is not a pathway towards healing - you’ve been sold on a lie because you were never meant to build from a place of self-rejection. Drop the lie. Live the truth.

The energy of CLAIMING what you want -- this is beyond manifestation (yeah, IKR. expanding AF) -- amplify your desires by claiming them

The expansive energetics behind your desires + investing + your relationship to it all.

The infinite journey of becoming: you’ll learn how to lead yourself with ease, alignment, integrity, spaciousness + freedom (hint: prioritize your aliveness)

The ultimate FREEDOM code -- need I say more?

Getting in the right relationship with your DESIRES

And. so. much. More.
Can’t wait to dive in deep with you.
I’ll see you inside

X, Kiera​

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” - Albert Camus

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The world needs you liberated


Price: $ 111.00

A Kiera Noelle offering | 2020