your liberation

lives here.

come home.

oh hey there sexy,

I'm Kiera

I am a voice for sovereign feminine leadership, liberated self expression and true inner wealth. I am here for the wild ones. The free souls. The ones who know they are meant for more.

I walk with you on your homecoming journey.
I serve as a reminder of your powerful (unapologetic) truth.
I take a fierce stand for your wild liberation.
I see you in your highest self.

…and love always leads the way.

I am devoted to serve you through MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOUL work…

I call you forward…beyond the finite and into the infinite…
and into unshakeable alignment to your soul.

a self paced journey :

a living, breathing field of consciousness... an activating portal

Higher Love is the sacred initiation to meet yourself — an expansive experience and fierce devotion to truth, sovereignty and your ultimate liberation. Crack the code to inner success, personal liberation and the deepest self love. This container will change your life.

There is nothing sweeter than inner success that is true to your own soul

** created when the world was going through a MAJOR upgrade in 2020.

THE FULL SPECTRUM lives here. I want you to have it all.

Experience your liberated life here
Includes: Higher Love + Pulse Portal + Meditation Bundle

a living, breathing field of consciousness... an activating portal

An activating portal that expands with you…Unlock the codes for deep expansion — your aligned rhythm — that’s true to you. There’s a technology for living on purpose that will guide you into your full liberated self expression.

This course is for those who want to expand their presence, power and potency in the world. Trust your ebbs + flows (pulse) while expanding your biz + bank account + life beyond your wildest dreams.

In simple terms, I want you…to connect to you. Let's play

Hosted by visionary, coach, entrepreneur and muse – Kiera Noelle – this podcast is for the wild ones who know they are meant for more. Like a Sunday morning soulful sermon each episode is real, vulnerable and honest. Conversations that are pure medicine for the devoted souls who are ready to root and rise into more purpose, power and abundance in the world.

“These multidimensional episodes are created with one intention in mind… your liberation. Each creative musing is simply in support of your devotion to who you really are – to the pulse of life expressing itself through you. Going beyond your limitations and connecting to the limitless potential + infinite abundance that is within – listening to whatever fuels your beating heart. Every episode, a homecoming. It’s time to step into a life of soul alignment. It’s time to live liberated and come home.”

group experiences

Intimate [high-level] Masterminds : MULTIDIMENSIONAL MUSE MASTERMIND


The most intimate, high level mentorship. For the wild [wealthy] woman who is ready to go all in.

She has arrived… embodied + expressed as a woman, awakened in power + purpose. She is here for a liberated life + legacy… quantum success beyond her wildest dreams.

masterclasses & programs

Self paced programs that evolve as you do. Each program is a living experience to serve your deepest growth + sweetest homecoming.



intimate musings.
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